John Van Vliet–“Deforestation”

Sticks and Stones–$650–16x8x16

Mike Lawrence–“Spread Your Broken Wings & Fly”

Signed Giclee Print (framed)–$75–12×16

L Lee Ligocki–“It Takes Time to Heal the Heart”

Watercolor/Acrylic– $250–12×12 (framed)

L Lee Ligocki–“Kintsugi…I Am Sakura”

Watercolor/Acrylic–$250–12×12 (framed)

Sally Hudak-Logan–“Sky Maidens”

Watercolor (framed)–$100–19×23

Sally Hudak-Logan–“The Yellow Table”

Watercolor (framed)–$100– 24×18

Carol Campbell–“Earth Dance”

Print on Metal–$80–11×14

Carol Campbell–“Visions”

Print on Metal–$80–11×14

Rob Bagge–“Restored”

Acrylic on Canvas– $95–18×14

Rob Bagge–“Monumental”

Acrylic on Canvas–$85–14×18

Doris Lightwine–“Wild Flax Flower”


Doris Lightwine–“Desert Brittle Bush”


Sharon Ann Matheson–“Broken City–El Centro”

Acrylic on Canvas–$175–20×24

Pamela Malouf–“Friends”

Textile Art–$185–16x12x15

Claudia Tuberg–“Bird of Paradise”

Acrylic on Canvas–$95–12×36

Claudia Tuberg–“Organism”


Claudia Tuberg–“Aloha”


Greta Warren–“Sombre de Amor”

Oil on Stretched Canvas–$500–14×18

Sally Bradley–“Fractured Time”

Mixed Media–$35–6x2x8

Rik Simon–“Singing Black Birds”

Photography (framed)–$175–16×22

Sally Hudak-Logan–“She’s Some Cowboy”

Clay Watercolor–$50–9×9

LCecka–“To Fly”

Textured Print from Artists Original Painting–$35–8×10

Andrea Montalvo Durbin–“3rd Floor (Gecko)”

Chalk Pastel–$NFS–19×24

Andrea Montalvo Durbin–“Adobe Highlands (Roadrunner)”

Chalk Pastel–$NFS–17×24

John Van Vliet–“Rust in Peace”

Photo on Canvas–$90–24×16

Teri Merrill–“Broken Fence”


Teri Merrill–“Mormon Row”


Andree Duncan–“Duval’s Miner’s Cabin”


Rob Bagge–“Broken Light”

Acrylic on Canvas–$225–30×40

Greta Warren–“Tau”

Oil on Stretched Canvas–$200–16×20

Rik Simon–“The Last Ride”

Processed Photography (framed)–$175–16×22

Gar Bradley–“Spare Parts”

Mixed Media (Metal Work)–$75–6x6x12

Katie Kintner–“Keith Deconstructed”


Andrew Florea–“Sonoran Evening”


Andrew Florea–“Desert Solitude”


Andrew Florea–“Spring’s Renewal”


Andrew Florea–“Voyager”


Ernie Dollman–“Kingman House”

Oil on Canvas–$375–9×12

Ernie Dollman–“Desert Wash”

Oil on Canvas–$375–9×12

Ernie Dollman–“View of Hualapai Mtn”

Oil on Canvas–$375–9×12

Terry Flanagan–“Broken Beams”

Ink Gel Print–$30–8×10

Mary Ann Schueller–“Abandoned Beach”

Oil on Canvas–$50–16×20

John Van Vliet–“A Walk in the Park”

Print on Canvas–$200–24×32

Dylan Powell–“Millennial Relationships”

Acrylic on Canvas–$60–20×18

Greta Warren–“Joy of Spring”

Oil on Canvas Board–$100–12×16

Freddy Sarabia–“Al Capone”

Photo on Acrylic–$200–12×18

Freddy Sarabia–“Cat’s Eye”

Photo on Acrylic–$200–12×18

Andrew Florea–“Majestic Sedona”


Andrew Florea–“Mohave Glow”


Roxanne Daniel–“Desert Solitude”

Acrylic Wrapped–$137–16×20

Dennis Mayer–“Growth in Light”

Acrylic on Canvas–$NFS–16×20

Peter McMahon–“Monolith Gardens”

Photo on Metallic Paper (framed)–$125–20×30