June 25-August 1 * at The ArtHub, 402 E. Beale Street * Tues-Sat 11am-6pm

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Karen Lopez–“Wheel of Motion”–3D Sculpture (wheel turns)–$300–13x13W by 21H

Richard Taylor–“Skimmer H2O WSR”–CG Art on Metal–$200–11×16 framed

Karen Lopez–“Aftermath”–Mixed Media–$450–21×27 framed

Sharon Matheson–“Hwy 62 Cloud Shadows”–Acrylic–$125–16×12.5 Matted and Framed

Sharon Matheson–“Arizona Solitude”–Signed Print–$85–13.5×11.5–Matted & Framed

Teri Merrill–“Bryce Canyon Pathway”–Acrylic–$155–21.5×25–Framed

Nancy Sandy–“Under Beeches”–Photography–$350–25.5×30.5–Matted & Framed

Cindy Hill–“Desert Destination”–Ink/Watercolor–$75–16×12–Matted & Framed–SOLD

Pamela Malouf–“Road Tripping”–Textile (Fabric) Art–$95–13×17–Framed

Mike Lawrence–“It’s Been A Long, Hard Road”–Enhanced Giclee, Signed–$95–13×16.5–Matted & Framed

Sally Hudak-Logan–“Rain Maiden”–Watercolor–$200–19×23–Matted & Framed

Carol Campbell–“Biplanes In Flight”–Print on Metal–$80–11×14–SOLD

Jim Federico–“Come Fly With Me”–Mixed Media Sculpture–$500–Approx. 4×6

Jim Federico–“Black Bridge”–Photograph on Canvas–$190–24×36

Carol Campbell–“Around The Bend In The Forest”–Photography–$40–12×15–SOLD

Carol Campbell–“Around The Bend On The Tracks”–Photography–$40–12×15

Terry Flanagan–“Lost In Time”–Photography–$85–22×18–Matted & Framed

Terry Flanagan–“Jingle Truck”–Photography–$85–22×18–Matted & Framed

Gail Glasier–“Steam Punk Couple”–Ball Point Ink Pen–$125–13.5×16–Matted & Framed

Rob Bagge–“Porch Light”–Acrylic on Canvas–$115–18×24–SOLD

Sharon Matheson–“Dawn At Five Mile Wash/Turtle Mountains”–Acrylic–$200–17.5×21.5–Framed

Sally Bradley–“I Get Around”–Fabric Art–$30–23×23

Claudia Tuberg–“Brush On Fire”–Acrylic on Canvas–$125–22×28–SOLD

Bill Arance–“Phantom, Route 66” Digital Art on Photo on Canvas–$225–24×36–SOLD

Kevin Roberts–“Better Dreams”–4 Color-Silkscreen (signed & numbered)–$125–12×15–Framed–SOLD

Kevin Roberts–“Truckers Vision”–Linocut Print (signed & numbered)–$85–11×14

Doris Lightwine–“Park Path”–Acrylic–$150–13.5×16.5–Matted & Framed

Teri Merrill–“Oatman’s Meditation Stairway”–Gouache–$85–17×21–Matted & Framed

Pat Miller Evans–“Those Walks”–Ink/Watercolor–“$75–12×12–Matted & Framed

Doris Lightwine–“Santa Barbara Hills”–Acrylic–$100–10.5×12.5–Framed–SOLD

Karen Lopez–“Fragments”–Mixed Media–$550–15Wx23Lx6D

John Van Vliet–“Last Exit”–Photo Print on Canvas–$250–33.5×17.5–Framed

Sharon Matheson–“Mohave Mud Hills”–Acrylic–$175–16×20 Framed

Andrea Havard–“Big River”–Low Fire Clay–NotForSale–18x6x6

Gail Glasier–“Joshua Tree”–Watercolor–$125–16×14–Matted & Framed

Andrew Florea–“Deep In The Outback”–Watercolor–$175–17×21–Matted & Framed

Andrea Havard–“Component of Life”–Low Fire Clay–NotForSale–4x5x4

John Van Vliet–“The Devil Trail”–Processed Photo on Metal–$40–13×13–Framed

Jim Federico–“The Hunters”–Embellished Gourd–$185–10x10x10

John Van Vliet–“Ghost Walker”–Light Painting Print on Metal–$300–25×17–Framed

John Van Vliet–“Dry Wash”–Light Painting Print on Metal–$300–25×17–Framed

Lynda Thompson–“Windows to the Past: Chaco Canyon Revisited”–Watercolor–$450–28×36–Matted & Framed

Katie Kintner–“Spirit Mountain”–Photography–$50–15×19–Matted & Framed

Andrew Florea–“Rose, Carnation & Snapdragon Spray”–Watercolor–$500–31×43–Matted & Framed

Andrew Florea–“Fields Outside Yellowstone”–Watercolor–$150–13×16–Matted & Framed

Andrew Florea–“Island Excursion”–Watercolor–$225–21×26–Matted & Framed

Mary Ann Schueller–“Traveling the Canyons”–Oil on Canvas–$100–19×24–Framed–SOLD

Carol Campbell–“Sail On”–Print on Metal–$80–11×14

Rob Bagge–“Through the Woods”–Acrylic on Canvas–$65–11×14

Rob Bagge–“Fairhaven Harbor”–Acrylic on Canvas–$85–14×18

Katie Kintner–“Old Wagon”–Photography–$50–13×19–Glass Frame

Claudia Tuberg–“Shattered”–Acrylic on Canvas–$65–12×12

Claudia Tuberg–“Black River”–Acrylic on Canvas–$65–12×12

Linda McMahon–“Broken Windmill”–Acrylic on Canvas–$150–30×24